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BeautifulSoup::BeautifulStoneSoup Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for BeautifulSoup::BeautifulStoneSoup:

BeautifulSoup::Tag BeautifulSoup::PageElement BeautifulSoup::BeautifulSOAP BeautifulSoup::BeautifulSoup BeautifulSoup::ICantBelieveItsBeautifulSoup BeautifulSoup::MinimalSoup

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Detailed Description

This class contains the basic parser and search code. It defines
a parser that knows nothing about tag behavior except for the
  You can't close a tag without closing all the tags it encloses.
  That is, "<foo><bar></foo>" actually means

[Another possible explanation is "<foo><bar /></foo>", but since
this class defines no SELF_CLOSING_TAGS, it will never use that

This class is useful for parsing XML or made-up markup languages,
or when BeautifulSoup makes an assumption counter to what you were

Definition at line 885 of file BeautifulSoup.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def endData
def extract
def findAllNext
def findAllPrevious
def findNext
def findNextSibling
def findNextSiblings
def findParent
def findParents
def findPrevious
def findPreviousSibling
def findPreviousSiblings
def handle_charref
def handle_comment
def handle_data
def handle_decl
def handle_entityref
def handle_pi
def insert
def isSelfClosingTag
def nextGenerator
def nextSiblingGenerator
def parentGenerator
def parse_declaration
def popTag
def previousGenerator
def previousSiblingGenerator
def pushTag
def replaceWith
def reset
def setup
def substituteEncoding
def toEncoding
def unknown_endtag
def unknown_starttag

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 fetchNextSiblings = findNextSiblings
 fetchParents = findParents
 fetchPrevious = findAllPrevious
 fetchPreviousSiblings = findPreviousSiblings
string HTML_ENTITIES = "html"
dictionary NESTABLE_TAGS = {}
dictionary QUOTE_TAGS = {}
dictionary RESET_NESTING_TAGS = {}
string ROOT_TAG_NAME = u'[document]'
dictionary SELF_CLOSING_TAGS = {}
string XML_ENTITIES = "xml"

Private Member Functions

def _feed
def _popToTag
def _smartPop
def _toStringSubclass

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