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BeautifulSoup::PageElement Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for BeautifulSoup::PageElement:

BeautifulSoup::Tag BeautifulSoup::BeautifulStoneSoup BeautifulSoup::BeautifulSOAP BeautifulSoup::BeautifulSoup BeautifulSoup::ICantBelieveItsBeautifulSoup BeautifulSoup::MinimalSoup

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Detailed Description

Contains the navigational information for some part of the page
(either a tag or a piece of text)

Definition at line 72 of file BeautifulSoup.py.

Public Member Functions

def extract
def findAllNext
def findAllPrevious
def findNext
def findNextSibling
def findNextSiblings
def findParent
def findParents
def findPrevious
def findPreviousSibling
def findPreviousSiblings
def insert
def nextGenerator
def nextSiblingGenerator
def parentGenerator
def previousGenerator
def previousSiblingGenerator
def replaceWith
def setup
def substituteEncoding
def toEncoding

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 fetchNextSiblings = findNextSiblings
 fetchParents = findParents
 fetchPrevious = findAllPrevious
 fetchPreviousSiblings = findPreviousSiblings

Private Member Functions

def _findAll
def _findOne
def _lastRecursiveChild

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